Cooling and temperature control systems made by termotek are flexible all-rounders. Starting out on the market as a specialist for laser cooling systems, termotek has since then evolved into a major player in other fields of industry as well. Rapid development and perfect adaptation to changing conditions are our core competence. Our approach: We adapt each of our series models as much as possible to the specific requirements of our customers. If need be, we also produce a bespoke one-of-a-kind solution.

The unique termotek advantages are always a good investment for all of our target industries:

  • Goal-oriented technology transfer
  • Highly precise cooling
  • Total reliability
  • Flexible and efficient use of space
  • Strong, rapid service

We continually transfer our extensive experience to other industries. Customers who are active in the field of medical devices, for example, can benefit from our laser cooling expertise. Things we learn during our life science projects form the basis for projects in the field of analytical applications. We know your processes from the inside, and we use a holistic approach from the outside. Are you interested in our special solutions for your area of activity? Discover our industry profiles:

All sectors at a glance

  • Laser industry
    We assure the consistency of your quality and protect your valuable laser systems. With more than 20 years of experience in this demanding field, we are now the first point of call when it comes to precise laser cooling systems.

  • Machine tools
    termotek systems are as robust and versatile as your production. Thanks to their long service life, high energy efficiency and variable control options, our systems offer optimum support for your machines.

  • Medical engineering and life sciences
    Our solutions comply with the most stringent legal specifications in the EU and worldwide. You can absolutely rely on termotek whenever you are in need of total precision and absolute safety.

  • Scanner technology
    Highest levels of precision even under heavy-duty conditions: With our cooling technology, your scanner systems provide reliable results even under full load. You can always count on that.

  • Analytical systems
    termotek is effective – without risks or side effects. Our technology ensures reliable cooling and temperature control with an extremely low level of vibrations so that your sensitive measuring equipment will not be affected.

  • Electromobility
    With our help, innovative vehicles of tomorrow can hit the road today: Our cooling solutions for batteries, converters, charging cables and charging stations ensure short "refuelling stops" and uncomplicated handling.

  • Printing industry
    Benefit from the aggregated expertise of a group of companies that is highly successful on a global scale: As part of the technotrans group, termotek has a strong footing in the printing industry.


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