Systems made by termotek are absolutely reliable whenever maximum precision is a must. This is how we have successfully established ourselves as a reliable partner of numerous well-known analytical equipment providers. We collaborate closely with our customers and jointly develop customised solutions for particularly demanding tasks in laboratories and other analytical facilities.

Ensuring perfect conditions at all times

Analytical processes require perfectly adapted ambient conditions to ensure the correct evaluation of the results. Cooling and temperature control systems made by termotek condition the ambient air or other media exactly as planned. The cooling and heating functions can be precisely controlled with a guaranteed temperature stability of +/- 0.1 K. No two models are alike. The shape and layout of our systems are based on the required functionality. This offers special advantages in meticulously designed environments such as laboratories or measuring stations. We offer plug-in units as well as stand-alone models of different sizes and adapt the performance parameters in line with the specific application.

Minimising interferences

Where blood, chemicals or other media are analysed, even minor interferences can reduce the quality of the results to a significant extent. This is why the design of the termotek systems ensures that they provide the required performance without affecting the actual analytical process in any way. The low-vibration and low-noise systems ensure the optimum support of the sophisticated measuring equipment in the laboratory.

Discover our solutions for analytics and medical technology:

p1000 series:
Specially designed for applications in aesthetics, medical technology and analytics

Solid-state cooling systems:
Distinctively high energy efficiency, yet silent and vibration-free