Our systems help transforming future-oriented mobility concepts into reality. Fast charging and a long range are vital factors for the suitability of electric vehicles for everyday use. Thanks to the high-power charging process (HPC), the vision of short "refuelling" stops is clearly within reach. When electric vehicles are charged at high-voltage charging stations, cooling technology made by termotek provides protection against overheating.

Strong performance with a small footprint

HPC charging stations are designed to charge the battery of a typical electric vehicle with 400 kW and more during a short coffee break. In this configuration, the charging cable is the critical point between the charging station and vehicle. If a rapid current throughput through a thin cable for comfortable handling is to be ensured, the cable needs to be cooled. This is where the technology made by termotek comes in. It reliably dissipates any excess heat. Since the batteries of electric vehicles also require cooling during the charging process, the termotek units provide the required cold water. As far as the design and layout are concerned, we adapt every unit perfectly to its environment. As a result, the design options for the charging stations are unlimited.