For termotek, everything began with laser applications. Since the founding of our company, we have been continuously mastering the special challenges of this demanding branch of industry. And our success proves us right: We are a partner of all the top laser manufacturers. Our OEM standard systems are integrated into numerous laser systems before they leave the factory. However, we also offer customised solutions whenever our series products reach their limits.

Any application in any field

We cover the entire laser application spectrum, from CO2 lasers and diode lasers up to fibre lasers. termotek also offers reliable systems with the required cooling capacity for 3D printing applications or laser-based sintering processes. And we know what matters most: The more stable the temperature is, the better the beam quality will be. This is why we guarantee temperature deviations in a very narrow range. We see laser cooling as a comprehensive task. Depending on the actual requirements, we supply single-circuit to triple-circuit systems and dissipate heat wherever it is generated – at the laser source, optical system, fibre or power supply unit. In addition, our systems can also handle other specific tasks within your application, such as the cooling of drive systems or control cabinets.

Perfect cooling capacity

Thanks to our advanced control concept, we can provide the required cooling capacity for a wide range of different requirements based on a single system. The laser itself requires a dynamic response of our systems: As soon as it is active, the entire cooling capacity must be available. This is a matter of course for all of our laser cooling systems. The connected devices determine the flow rate and pressure of the cooling water. This is why our pumps can be variably adapted to the specific requirements. Optionally, we can also integrate additional functions into the control system, e.g. a conductivity measurement and control feature.

Effective protection for your laser systems

Since valuable equipment depends on our laser cooling systems, safety is our prime concern. This is why we integrate a whole range of monitoring functions into our systems to protect your laser. For example, all termotek systems are equipped with a level monitoring system in the tank and with a flow monitoring system in the feed flow. As a result, the laser can be shut down in a controlled manner in the event of a malfunction. To this end, the pump stops with a certain delay. As far as the cooling water is concerned, cleanliness ensures safe operation. Since even minuscule particles can destroy the delicate cooling channels inside the laser equipment, thereby putting the optical systems at risk, our top-notch filtration system reliably removes particles down to the single-digit µm range. The control system ensures the correct conductivity while an integrated DI cartridge produces water of the desired quality.

No off-the-shelf solutions

Depending on the parameters of the specific process in question, we offer either passive or active cooling systems. To ensure that fibre lasers quickly reach their operating temperature, for example, termotek systems can be equipped with a heating unit which is integrated in the central control system. Our flexible approach is also underlined by a wide range of capacities and designs. We offer plug-in units as space-saving rack systems as well as larger stand-alone units. You can always rely on the following: Whatever does not fit, will be made to fit – by way of a customised design, even in small numbers.

Discover our solutions for laser applications:

miko series:
Smallest active liquid-water cooling system with 24 V drive technology

piko series:
Standard 19" plug-in cooling system available with different heights and either as an active liquid-air/liquid-water cooling system or as a passive water-water cooling system

mako series:
Highly flexible add-on cooling system available in two sizes for different performance categories


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