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There is no room for mistakes: We never shy away from the special challenges in the medical engineering and life sciences field. termotek systems are used where the technical maximum is required for saving lives and maintaining the quality of life. Based on excellent references, we have gradually opened up a wide range of applications for us in this field.

From laser technology up to body cooling applications

termotek is the partner of choice for laser cooling applications – also if the lasers are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Thanks to our extensive experience with all types of lasers, we can offer optimum cooling solutions for any medical laser application. Typical surgical applications can be found in the medical disciplines of ophthalmology, urology and dermatology. However, our systems can also be used for cosmetic medical applications, e.g. for the removal of tattoos, or as part of the innovative cryolipolysis process for the removal of fat cells. As a partner of our renowned life science customers, we are regularly involved in the development of innovative products or procedures that improve the life of numerous people.

Precise, reliable, safe

termotek systems that are used in this branch of industry are customised solutions. We produce them with a strong focus on precision, reliability and safety while flexibly fulfilling your specific requirements in terms of the functionality and shape of the systems. Upon request, we can even design our units so that they fit into the housing of your specific device. To ensure the optimum protection of the patients, medical engineering and life sciences are highly regulated fields. Thanks to our extensive experience and commitment to research and development, we are completely familiar with the relevant standards and acceptance processes.

Discover our solutions for medical technology:

miko series:
Smallest active liquid-water cooling system with 24 V drive technology

piko series:
Standard 19" plug-in cooling system available with different heights and either as an active liquid-air/liquid-water cooling system or as a passive water-water cooling system

mako series:
Highly flexible add-on cooling system available in two sizes for different performance categories

p1000 series:
Specially designed for applications in aesthetics, medical technology and analytics

Solid-state cooling systems:
Distinctively high energy efficiency, yet silent and vibration-free


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