Scanner systems ensure safety and security. This is why they need to operate absolutely reliably. Often, scanner systems are in use 24/7. Equipped with cooling systems made by termotek, they provide reliable results even under a heavy load. Our systems optimise your systems for every area of application.

Always the right technology for every industry

Scanners are used in a wide range of different industries to ensure rapid and precise imaging with a low impact. Especially MRI and CT scanners are particularly widespread in the medical field. Logistics applications include large luggage, freight and parcel scanners, while products are scanned for final quality assurance in the food industry. The requirements and challenges vary from application to application, but our technology fulfils them all. Top reliability is the top requirement. Bearing in mind that luggage and freight scanners process up to 2,500 objects per hour, it becomes clear that downtimes cause severe economic consequences. Cooling solutions made by termotek ensure trouble-free operation of the scanners and are extremely maintenance-friendly themselves so that even scheduled interruptions can be reduced to a minimum.

Plug and play – also certified, if desired

Scanner systems require cooling in multiple places, and our systems can be deployed in no matter what location. To this end, we offer central solutions or distribute several decentralised cooling units in a strategic manner. Our cooling equipment cools the scanner unit itself as well as the computers, which are part of the electronic evaluation system, and the associated control cabinets. Our motto for scanner solutions: We supply 100% customised solutions and guarantee that our systems are integrated in a plug-and-play mode. Complete systems including the application and cooling systems have been accredited by various test institutions.

Discover our solutions for scanner applications:

mako series:
Highly flexible add-on cooling system available in two sizes for different performance categories