If tools and machines need to be cooled with the highest levels of precision in a rough production environment, termotek systems are the ideal choice. Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) – these activities produce heat that is reliably dissipated by our systems. Our models with a particular high level of energy efficiency and speed-controlled main components help us in keeping your production costs low.

Robust and versatile

The robust, long-life design of our systems ensures that they are available 24/7 and perfectly suitable for every area of your production environment. Where cooling lubricants are present in the air, we protect our systems by installing filter mats in front of the intake openings. Upon request, these mats are also available as a particularly environmentally friendly, washable variant. In this case, the filter mesh consists of a metal that can be cleaned easily with an isopropyl alcohol solution. We adapt the shape of our systems to the on-site spatial conditions. Even our standard portfolio includes several different sizes and shapes. You can choose between a space-saving, integrated solution and a flexible stand-alone model. In addition, we offer top-mount versions with a particularly wide and flat housing that can be installed on top of your machines.

Performance or precision? Why not both?

Our systems are unbeatable when it comes to their flexible use. We cool drive systems, entire machines or individual tools. If you have different requirements in different areas, we can fulfil all of them without any problems. Is the maximum permissible temperature deviation in the control cabinet +/- 2 K but only +/- 0.5 K for the spindle? The termotek solution offers several cooling circuits with different control levels. They cool as precisely as necessary and as efficiently as possible. If cooling lubricants need to be cooled, we plan a suitable cooling and filtration system together with our technotrans group partners.

Discover our solutions for the production sector:

piko series:
Standard 19" plug-in cooling system available with different heights and either as an active liquid-air/liquid-water cooling system or as a passive water-water cooling system

mako series:
Highly flexible add-on cooling system available in two sizes for different performance categories