To have highly complex machines and processes run perfectly, you need an environment that fulfils their requirements in terms of the temperature and air humidity. With air cooling and temperature control systems made by termotek, you protect your valuable assets and ensure optimum conditions for your production or analysis processes. What is your major concern? Do you need highly precise temperature control, a comfortable air treatment system or efficient cooling? We always develop the perfect solution – together with you.

Made to measure

termotek solutions for air cooling, air temperature control or air treatment are always one-of-a-kind solutions. This means: We analyse your process and on-site conditions and plan the system while bearing the available space in mind. We can provide you with free-standing units as well as units for integration into the existing systems. If you need air cooling and air temperature control, we will integrate a heating unit and the associated control equipment. As far as the treatment of air is concerned, condensation is always a hot topic. It has a strong influence on the handling: We offer solutions with a condensate tank as well as the option to evaporate the condensate in a targeted manner by way of a completely maintenance-free system.


Air cooling and temperature control systems made by termotek are frequently used to secure processes and to guarantee the availability of the cooled systems. This has the highest priority, for example for scanner applications, in server rooms, control cabinets or other electronic applications on which a complex infrastructure depends. Another important area of application is the temperature control and air treatment of sample volumes and laboratories.

Optional refrigeration circuit

The required level of precision of the temperature control systems varies for air cooling and temperature control systems depending on their specific area of application. The greater the air volume is, the more flexibly the temperature can be controlled. In machine tools, for example, our systems are used for cooling the drives and spindles to ensure long-term functionality. In this case, the exact temperature is less important than the highest possible level of energy efficiency. For this use case, we recommend a passive cooling system as it delivers constant, reliable results with minimal effort. This is the most cost-efficient solution for situations where the physical framework conditions allow it.

Small volumes, on the other hand, react quickly to changing ambient temperatures. This is why the temperature can fluctuate strongly in sample areas, for example. However, since these areas require a precisely defined air quality, we use powerful, compressor-based air coolers for these types of applications. With them, we can optimally ensure a high temperature precision of +/- 0.5 K or better.

Just like in the case of our systems for liquid cooling and temperature control, the following applies: termotek offers perfect cooling solutions – made to measure and with top reliability. Contact us!