Whenever your process requires liquids with an absolutely precise temperature, our cooling and temperature control systems ensure an ultrafast supply. They can produce the desired liquid temperature within a very short time and with a maximum deviation of only 0.1 K or better. The range of variants of our cooling and temperature control units for liquids is as wide as your spectrum of applications. Manufactured with a particularly high level of quality and 100% customisable – these are the characteristics that ensure that our systems are perfectly suitable for all types of processes that rely on precise, flexible cooling, e.g. in the laser industry as well as in life sciences and analytical applications or in the field of electromobility.

Cooling or temperature control?

Depending on your application, you can choose between pure liquid cooling systems or temperature control systems as both types are included in the termotek product portfolio. The basis for the systems is the same. Temperature control systems, however, include an additional heating unit and the associated control equipment. The control system makes all the difference. termotek temperature control systems control the temperature level precisely and reliably in both directions. You can specify the exact framework conditions for your specific heating and cooling process.

Active and passive cooling: demand-controlled performance and precision

termotek cooling systems for passive cooling utilise the environment for your process. With the aid of heat exchangers, they provide the required refrigeration capacity without any refrigeration circuit, refrigerant or compressor. You can use an air cooling concept for utilising the temperature difference with regard to the ambient air or use a central water tank for water cooling. However, if you need to bring the temperature of your liquid below the ambient temperature or if you require a particularly accurate temperature control, this method reaches its physical limits. This is when we use an active cooling concept instead: In such a system, the refrigerant circulates within a refrigeration circuit. While doing so, it changes its physical state of matter and dissipates heat in a targeted manner. By default, our systems use R134a and R513a as the refrigerant. However, upon request, other refrigerants are also available, for example the environmentally friendly, natural refrigerant isobutane which is marketed under the name R600.

A wide range of different designs for the optimum use of space

You tell us how much space is available and we provide you with a system with a corresponding, optimum design. termotek liquid coolers are available as 19" plug-in units, as flexible stand-alone solutions of several sizes and as compact systems that can be used as add-on units or integrated units. All of the devices can be customised in many aspects. And if our standard portfolio does not include the optimum solution for your requirement, we would be happy to design a bespoke system for you to ensure that the configuration and dimensions are a perfect match for your specific needs. Discover our product series:

  • Plug-in coolers:

    • P200: 19" plug-in unit for passive cooling in accordance with the water/water cooling principle
    • P300: Plug-in unit for active cooling with a variable cooling capacity and volumetric flow rate. The height depends on the desired power and usually varies between 3 and 12 RU (1 RU = 44.5 mm) depending on the size of the condenser. Other heights are available upon request.
    • piko: Enhanced version of the successful P300 series, available with different power levels, modular, flexible and particularly service-friendly design thanks to the operation and maintenance at/from the front
    • piko 24/48 V DC: Variant of the piko series as a 24 or 48 V version for direct integration into low-voltage circuits
  • Stand-alone cooling units

    • P800: Stand-alone unit with a compact design, available for different power ranges
    • mako: Enhanced version of the proven P800 model with a particularly robust design, including an orbitally formed plastic tank for easy filling and draining
    • mako dual circuit: mako variant with two refrigeration circuits as a substitution for all mako units with more than one independently controllable refrigeration or temperature control circuit
  • Compact coolers:

    • miko: one of the smallest compressor cooling systems on the market; as a plug-in solution from 3 height units or as a stand-alone device in mini tower size available
    • miko p10035: Special version optimized for medical and analytical technology with speed-controlled 24 V miniature compressor


Would you like something extra?

The termotek equipment standard is high. Regardless of the specific version, cooling principle or design, you always benefit from the following:

  • High level of temperature stability of +/- 0.1 K or better
  • Strong dynamics – hardly any overshooting, the refrigeration capacity is immediately available
  • Free from non-ferrous metals, thus unlimited use for deionised water
  • EC control of the fans and, upon request, also of the speed-controlled main components
  • Remote start via remote control

In addition, we can customise your system with optional features, for example:

  • Conductivity measurement, monitoring and control of the cooling water
  • Cartridge for deionisation
  • Heater module for preheating/controlling the temperature of the cooling water in the circuit
  • Flow monitoring and measurement


The fulfilment of your requirements is our benchmark

We analyse your needs and design the optimum system. While doing so, we do not simply rely on our series models and optional equipment. Instead, we focus on customised engineering.

Discover our bespoke solutions and contact us!