mako dual circuit - stand-alone cooling unit with two independent cooling/temperature control circuits

“mako dual circuit” is a special version of the modular, compact mako add-on cooler with two cooling or temperature control circuits which can be controlled independently from one another. It is particularly suitable for the separate cooling of fibre lasers and optical systems. The required cooling capacity is provided by a refrigeration circuit via a refrigeration circuit in a central water tank. The second water circuit provides the supply for the optical system. The temperature is controlled separately – by a modulating valve and a heater. The heating capacity is adapted to the application at hand and is approx. 500 W, which means that a variable control range from 20°C to 25°C can be covered, for example, for the optical system.


  • Two independently controllable cooling/temperature control circuits

  • Basic version

    • Suitable for deionised water, water/glycol mixtures and water with other additives
    • Adjustable water bypass valve
    • Remote start via 24 V DC signal
    • Speed-controlled fan
    • Fill level indicator
    • RS 232/485 interface
    • Refrigerant R134a
  • Optional equipment

    • Conductivity measurement and control feature with display
    • Ambient temperature indicator
    • Pressure measuring system and display
    • Second flow meter
    • Heating/temperature control/cooling capacity management
    • Air filter
    • Water filter
    • DI cartridge
    • Pressure relief valve
    • Optional interfaces such as Ethernet, RS 485 and others