miko - miniature cooling system als plug-in unit or stand-alone solution

miko is one of the smallest compressor cooling systems currently available on the market.

Although it has compact dimensions, the miko offers an extremely high power density and temperature stability of +/- 0.1 K. The mini-tower version measures just 350 x 200 x 330 mm and delivers a refrigeration capacity of up to 400 W, depending on ambient conditions, and the plug-in version delivers between 400 and 800 W with a height of just 3 or 4 RU (rack units). It features 24 V miniature compressors which are on a par with the large versions on a 230 V basis and also include a speed control unit. This power density means that miko offers an attractive and efficient alternative to Peltier coolers, including for high ambient temperatures. Both the plug-in and stand-alone units in the miko series are noise- and vibration-reduced.


  • Minimal dimensions
  • Strong performance, high temperature stability