P200 – 19" plug-in unit for passive cooling in accordance with the water/water cooling principle

Passive cooling with a compact design – the liquid cooling and temperature control systems of the proven termotek

P200 series ensure reliable, precise and consumption-optimised cooling with the aid of a central water circuit. Starting with 4 RU (rack units) they have a particularly compact design. Alternatively, they are also available as desktop units.
A stainless-steel plate heat exchanger is integrated between the cold water circuit towards the connected devices (secondary circuit) and the central cooling water circuit (primary circuit). The functional requirement is a temperature difference of at least 5°C between the two circuits. The temperature is regulated automatically using a motive proportional control valve. It controls the water flow into the primary circuit as a function of the tank temperature, thereby ensuring a low water consumption. The cooling water temperature remains continuously constant with a maximum deviation of +/- 0.2 K and the refrigeration capacity, which is variable between 1 and 20 kW, is automatically adapted to the load requirements.


  • Compact 19" plug-in unit with a high component density
  • High level of temperature stability, variable output
  • Reliable operation, low maintenance requirements
  • High level of energy efficiency

  • Basic version

    • Temperature Stabilisation
    • Water control valve
    • RS232 interface
    • Remote start via a 24 V DC signal
    • 50 Hz or 60 Hz version
  • Optional equipment

    • DI cartridge: exchangeable cartridge in the water bypass (0.35 l or 0.5 l)
    • Conductivity measuring system: for monitoring the conductivity of the cooling water
    • Conductivity control system: for controlling the conductivity range (1-30 µS, +/- 1 µS/cm)
    • Heater
    • Refrigeration capacity measuring system: additional temperature sensor in the return flow
    • Pressure measuring system: pressure sensor in the cooling unit outlet
    • Flow sensor in the return flow
    • Special voltage values: 1010/115/208/230 V AC for selection
    • Connections: US connectors or European connectors, 2 m connecting lead
    • Other motors and pumps: available upon request