P300 – 19" plug-in unit for active cooling

termotek has been highly successful on the market with the P300 active cooling system for many years.

The P300 has consistently proven its worth particularly in laser cooling, medical and laboratory equipment applications thanks to its outstanding reliability, precise control and a temperature stability up to +/- 0.1 K. Upon request, the 19" plug-in cooling unit can also be supplied as a desktop unit.

The P300 is an active system using a compressor refrigeration circuit that cools either a stainless-steel evaporator coil in the cooling water tank or a plate heat exchanger. Its capacity ranges between 200 W and 3 kW. The standard cooling medium is deionised water. The conductance can be conditioned with the aid of a corresponding DI cartridge, if desired. The central control system of the P300 monitors the water temperature as well as the processes in the refrigerant circuit. A particle filter in the outlet of the cooling unit and a flow sensor in the return flow ensure trouble-free, reliable operation. The heat is dissipated via a fan or transferred to an existing water supply via a heat exchanger for further use.


  • Extremely high level of temperature stability
  • Low maintenance and high level of reliability

  • Basic version

    • Designed for deionised water or water with defined additives
    • Flow measurement and control
    • Water bypass valve adjustable
    • Remote start via 24 V DC Signal
    • Speed controlled fan
    • RS 232 interface
    • Refrigerant R134a
  • Optional equipment

    • Conductivity measuring system: for monitoring the conductivity of the cooling water
    • Conductivity control system: for controlling the conductivity range (1-30 µS, +/- 1 µS/cm)
    • DI cartridge: exchangeable cartridge in the water bypass (0.35 l or 0.5 l)
    • Refrigerating capacity measuring system; temperature sensor in the return flow
    • Heater: for start-up heating of the cooling water at low outdoor temperatures under 15°C
    • Flow sensor in the return flow
    • Air filter
    • Special voltage values: 100/115/208/230 V AC for selection
    • Connections: US connectors or European connectors, 2 m connecting lead
    • Other motors and pumps: available upon request