P800 - stand-alone cooling unit for optimum ratio of dimensions and performance

The models from the termotek P800 series are used wherever there is a need for precise cooling and the need to avoid integrating the refrigeration unit in a separate machine housing. High performance in a space-saving, mobile housing – this has proved to be a tried-and-trusted combination over many years in all fields of laser cooling, including optical assemblies, in laboratories, in the printing industry and on machine tools and for HSC milling. The practical arrangement of all the components in the compact housing means not only low maintenance requirements but low vibrations and noise emissions too. The P800 units are for power ranges from 1 to 15 kW.

The P800 provides active cooling and therefore contains a refrigeration circuit with a compressor and a heat exchanger for a variety of media. Both the refrigeration circuit and the cold water temperature are monitored and controlled by a central control system. The cold water is reliably fed to where it is required by a pump. An optional particle filter in the cold water outlet keeps the circuit clean, and a flow sensor for the return flow guarantees the required stable operation. The waste heat is either emitted to the environment via speed-controlled fans or transferred to a central water circuit via heat exchangers, so that the waste heat can be used, for example, for preheating the process water.


  • Extremely high level of temperature stability
  • Compact and flexible in terms of installation, small footprint
  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Basic version

    • Suitable for deionised water or water containing additives
    • Water level indicator
    • Remote start via 24 V DC signal
    • Speed-controlled fan
    • RS 232 interface
    • Refrigerant R134a
  • Optional equipment

    • Water filter fitted outside or inside; different filter classes available.
    • Conductivity measuring system: for monitoring of the conductivity of the cold water
    • Conductivity control system: for controlling the conductivity range (1-30 µS, +/- 1 µS/cm)
    • DI cartridge: exchangeable cartridge in the water bypass (0.35 l or 0.5 l)
    • Ambient temperature measurements taken by a PT100 sensor
    • Refrigeration capacity measuring system: additional temperature sensor in the return flow
    • Heater: for start-up heating of the cooling water at low outdoor temperatures under 15°C
    • Pressure measuring and monitoring system using a sensor in the cold water outlet
    • Water bypass by means of a reduction valve
    • Flow meter
    • Air filter
    • Other motors and pumps, casters, special housing colour: available upon request