piko - the particularly service-friendly plug-in unit for active cooling

The piko series from termotek is a further development of the successful P300 series. Also an active cooling system, piko is therefore also suitable for applications which require a particularly high degree of temperature stability of +/-0.1 K. Being a plug-in cooler, piko is suitable for integration in a wide variety of systems. The height varies according to the power: sizes ranging from 3 to 12 RU (rack units) with a refrigeration capacity of 250 W to 3.5 kW are available as standard. The service-proven cooling concept of the P300 series is continued in the piko, which also uses deionised water for the cooling medium as well.

A new feature offered by the piko series is a special controller platform. This provides the complete monitoring of the entire process, registers all relevant parameters in real-time and therefore guarantees extremely high levels of accuracy. This is also possible from any location if the optional remote mode is used. There is also a new design feature which contributes to the high operational reliability of the piko coolers: all components can be accessed from the front, which means that the unit no longer needs to be taken out of the mounting rack for maintenance work.


  • Extremely high level of temperature stability
  • Particularly low maintenance and high level of reliability

  • Basic version

    • Suitable for deionised water or water containing defined additives
    • Flow measurement and monitoring
    • Adjustable water bypass valve
    • Remote start via 24 V DC signal
    • Speed-controlled fan
    • 50 Hz/60 Hz design, versions for low-voltage circuits available [link to piko 24/48 V DC]
    • Refrigerant R134a
    • RS 232/485 interface
  • Optional equipment

    • Conductivity measuring system: for monitoring the conductivity of the cooling water
    • Conductivity control system: for controlling the conductivity range (1-30 µS, +/- 1 µS/cm)
    • DI cartridge: exchangeable cartridge in the water bypass (0.35 l or 0.5 l)
      Refrigerating capacity measuring system; temperature sensor in the return flow
    • Heater: for start-up heating of the cooling water at low outdoor temperatures under 15°C
    • Flow sensor in the return flow
    • Air filter
    • Special voltage values 100/115/208/230 V AC for selection
    • Connection points: US connectors or European connectors, 2 m connecting lead
    • Other motors and pumps: available upon request