Category: TERMOTEK, 2020

termotek develops a Peltier-based cooling unit

  • New cooling systems for lower power ranges
  • Particularly low noise level, compact, efficient and precise
  • Launch planned for the first half of 2020

termotek GmbH expands its product portfolio to include a new technology: a Peltier-based cooling unit. The systems are particularly suitable for lower cooling power ranges between 200 W and 750 W requiring a very high level of temperature accuracy. In addition, they have a particularly compact, energy-efficient design. The low-noise and low-vibration units will be used in the semiconductor industry, laboratories and medical applications.

termotek, a specialist in the field of the cooling systems for machines, lasers and medical devices, will present its new cooling system to the public for the very first time at the Photonics West exhibition in San Francisco on 4-6 February 2020. “We are expanding and completing our product portfolio with this new cooling unit for lower power ranges. The Peltier technology is practically noiseless and in great demand,” explains Jan Kröger, managing director of termotek. Especially the coefficient of performance (COP) of the new termotek unit sets new standards.

Reliable temperature control thanks to the Peltier effect
The production of cold based on Peltier elements is realised with the aid of plate-shaped semiconductors. When voltage is applied to the Peltier elements, one side of the plate becomes cold and the other one hot. In general, the heat is dissipated to the atmosphere and the cold is transferred to water via a heat exchanger. The water is then used as cooling water for a wide range of devices and applications, e.g. analysers, medical devices, lasers and in the semiconductor industry.

As the unit does not rely on any moving parts for producing cold - unlike compressors - there are no vibrations or sound emissions. The semiconductor plates react particularly quickly and immediately adapt the cooling power when the applied voltage changes. This is why the fast and precise control of the feed flow temperature is among the numerous advantages of the new cooling system.

Delivery of the first units scheduled for the beginning of 2020
The units do not contain any refrigerant and, therefore, there is no risk of leaks. termotek will deliver the first units in the form of compact 19” plug-in modules in the first quarter of 2020. Units with a free-standing enclosure will follow during the second quarter. In addition, the highly fail-safe cooling units will also be available as customised units for which termotek will adapt the products to specific user requirements.

For further information, please visit: www.termotek.de