We know what matters most. If we really want to open up perspectives for the generations coming after us, the protection of the environment and effective measures against climate change are a must. This is why termotek commits to sustainable growth and the responsible use of technologies on several levels:

1. Energy efficiency at the focus of attention
We continuously develop new systems and improve our systems that are already on the market – always focusing on saving even more electrical energy. To achieve this goal, we use smart control systems and power-controlled components wherever this is possible.

2. Clean refrigerants
Some of the refrigerants that are used in our active cooling systems may play a part in global warming. We observe the highest possible safety standards when handling these substances. At the same time, we work hard at making these standards obsolete by increasingly designing systems that can use environmentally friendly, natural refrigerants such as R600a.

3. Sustainable production
When we optimise our use of materials and energy, we also always strive to reduce the waste of natural resources to an absolute minimum. We prefer materials that can be reused over and over again thanks to the recycling concepts that are in place.

4. Efficient logistics
Unnecessary transport is not only a burden on the budget of your customers, but also on the environment. This is why we have optimised our logistics structures seeking to bring our high availability standards into conformity with the environmental protection aspects.

5. Future-oriented company facilities
Our new building sets very high standards in terms of the utilisation and ergonomic arrangement of the available space, but also in terms of its energy, waste and water management. We ensure that our employees can develop their full potential in our facilities while minimising our ecological footprint. Of course, the building fulfils the stringent German KfW 55 standard. An efficient thermal management with extensive energy recovery will enable us to save 424 tons of CO2 per year. This corresponds to the annual electricity and heating demand of approx. 170 four-person households.


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